only six days left


I guess I’m pretty bad about exaggerating when things aren’t going how they ought to go. I’ve been going back and forth between dying to go home and wanting to stay here forever; for instance, on Monday, I thought about the fact that I had a week left and wanted to cry. Today, I just wanted Burrito Shack and air conditioning.

Here are some promised pictures from the Alhambra:

The Gardens of Generalife

And again; this is a very famous place.

Beautiful Arabic detailing

All of Granada from the Alhambra

Pretty, huh? It was my favorite thing I’ve seen since I’ve been here.

And now, LISTS!

Why my host family is the best ever:

  • Last night, when I was sick at my stomach, they gave me medicine and offered me Cola Cao even though I didn’t feel like drinking it.
  • They are HILARIOUS when they try to pronounce American words and phrases. “Frank-faste” is Frankfort; “Jooa breaki mai bols!” is “you are breaking my balls!”
  • They teach us slang phrases so we aren’t completely ignorant to peoples’ chatting on the streets
  • They make sure we are comfortable
  • They make fun of us for always wanting to sleep, but they let us sleep.
  • They try so hard to get to know us, and it’s not difficult letting them in.
  • They have taught me so much about Spain, the Spanish family, and life in general.
  • They make jokes out of everything.
  • They don’t mind that I’m messy most of the time.
  • When I’m tired or don’t talk much, they always assume something’s wrong… They obviously care about both me and my roommate.

What I have done the past couple days

  • Homework…maybe.
  • long naps.
  • Pringles
  • I woke up to a bunch of really sweet tweets from people who said they miss me.
  • Got sick to my stomach last night and wanted my mama 😦
  • went to La Granja today and saw the famous gardens and some of the fountains. there is a water shortage here, so the fountains aren’t typically running, but today they were and it was so beautiful!
  • the palace at La Granja was modeled after Versailles and the current King of Spain was born there. I went in it… it’s beautiful.
  • missed everyone
  • ALMOST finished my gift shopping.
  • died of heatstroke, came back to life, and died again

What I am doing tomorrow

  • sleeping in!
  • eating a free three-course lunch at a restaurant in Coca or Cuellar
  • going to a castle
  • going to a winery and participating in a wine-tasting!
  • going to another cathedral
  • homework 😦 (but hey, I’m almost done!)

I’m writing this blog soaked in boobsweat again. Why don’t I just call these entries The Boobsweat Chronicles? It’s fitting. It’s raining right now, and I went out to enjoy the rain. Hopefully it stops soon, though, because even though it’s peaceful, it’s 90 degrees in the apartment (promise I’m not exaggerating) and I’m unbearably sweaty.

Here is the Royal Palace at La Granja:

So many things here are perfectly beautiful. Except for my sweat. That’s ugly.




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One Response to only six days left

  1. werwin3 says:

    “Died of heat stroke, came back to life, died again.” hilarious!

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