adventures in Andalucia

Before I begin, I just gotta say that my phone not working is worse than death. Literally. Not only is my iMessage not working, but in my messages, my phone has removed the names from all my contacts with iMessage… I don’t even know what to do. I’m about to kill someone. AHHH.

Anyway, Thursday afternoon, Alex and I embarked on our journey to Malaga! It was pretty late when we got there, so the mall that was attached to the train station was closing. Instead of taking the metro or taxi to our hotel, we used a good, old-fashioned map (on Alex’s phone… but we didn’t have Wifi so we had to navigate ourselves!) and found our hotel. After settling in some, we went looking for a place to eat, and settled on a small…Chinese? or something…restaurant, where we got a giant plate of rice, a main course, a salad, and a drink for the equivalent of about 7.50 american dollars. Talk about a good deal!…until a crazy man from Madrid came and sat next to us, preventing us from enjoying our food in peace, talking about whether or not Price was the true King of Pop, and telling us about a Prince concert he went to in 1993 when neither of us were old enough to comprehend what Prince was. Um, bye.

The next day, we went to the Malagueta beach, which was nearly a 30 minute walk from our hotel. The guy at the front desk said it was the prettiest beach in Malaga, but… I don’t believe it. The sand was yuck and it was rocky, and my crusty feet couldn’t handle it. However, I spent the day sweating and bronzing in the sun, which is always nice. The water was super cold and refreshing compared to the heat outside. There wasn’t as much breeze as there was in Valencia, either, so the sweat stuck to my body.

That evening, we went shopping and bar hopping, and this time, I was the one with a bit too much to drink… someone may or may not have had to tell me to be quiet at the hotel. :l oops.

Friday night, though, we ate at a place called Delicias de Riki. I ordered chicken, and when I cut into it… it wasn’t thoroughly done. I didn’t know the protocol for undercooked meat in Spain, nor did I know if I should ask for another it and bitch and complain like an American would, so I proceeded to eat the sections that were done, hoping that I wouldn’t get salmonella, then enjoyed the rest of my night.

However, when I woke up the next morning, my stomach hurt. Bad. And I had to poop, a lot. It was miserable because I knew we were taking a special trip and I was terrified that I had salmonella. I kept thinking about what would happen if I did and psyching myself out… but after eating a little for breakfast, I felt better. Phew.

Then, Saturday, we went to my favorite place in the world, a place I’ve always dreamed of going: GRANADA! The bus situation was a bit of a mess, as we missed the first one and thought we would be late to our visit to the Alhambra. However, we got there, and took a taxi to the Alhambra, and finally figured out how to work the kiosk for previously booked tickets. While trying to get it to work, a French couple began shouting things at me in French, asking questions about how to work the kiosk, and I got to use a real French phrase back to them! It was so exciting!

Then, we toured the Alhambra. It was such a cool experience getting to see a building that I have given presentation after presentation on, and seeing things that I’ve only seen in pictures… I learned so much. It was a really hot day, and we didn’t get around to seeing the Alcazaba part of the building, but with as much as we saw, it was definitely worth it.

While waiting for the next taxi, I had a conversation with a woman from Brazil who was speaking to me in Portuguese, and I in Spanish… it was the craziest thing in life. How did she even comprehend what I was saying… much less, how did I understand her? It was actually really cool, though.

Then, we had a taxi take us to Federico Garcia Lorca park so that I could find his home-museum and cry over the fact that I was in his house. However, when we found it, we found out it was closed and it was the saddest day in the whole world. I took pictures of it anyway, and touched it, just to say that I had, and we went to the bus station to go back to Malaga, where we got to the hotel, bathed, and went to sleep.

Today, we went to the Picasso museum of Malaga and then walked around the plaza, where an older woman was handing out carnations and rosemary and asking for change. I reached in my pocket and gave her a five cent piece, like she asked for, but my roommate was digging in her wallet, and the old woman bombarded her and was touching her, and when all was said and done, I said to Alex, “I think you just got robbed.” Alex checked her wallet, and the woman had taken a 50 E bill from her! It was so scary, and I was so mad, because for some reason I knew what was happening, but it didn’t register… I didn’t care how old the woman was, I wanted to chase her down and tackle her and get the money back. She really wasn’t that old. And I was pissed and ready to Avenge that mess.

Crazy things always happen to us on the metro. Today, while waiting for the one to the bus station, a man wearing swim trunks was walking really briskly down the walkway with his eyes half closed, praying or mumbling something in a language I didn’t understand. We watched him walk all the way to the end of the walkway and we thought he was gonna jump in front of the train when it came!!! It was so scary! he didn’t, though, and although I was scared to ride the metro with him, we made it safely to the bus station.

We got our fill of Burger King and McDonald’s while away, but now we’re back in Segovia, being lax and preparing for classes tomorrow afternoon. I, however, am restoring my phone, and it is currently saying “85 minutes remaining.” It’s 12:15 and I want to be asleep. My life might as well be over and I am literally on the verge of crying. I hate Apple, AT&T, technology, Spain, and the fact that there are ten more days left until I can come home. This is the worst thing that has happened to me since I’ve been here and I could vomit I’m so angry and frustrated.

Eight more full days of being here. Nine until I’m back in the US. Ten until I’m back in MKY…can I do this? I guess we’ll see.


PS pictures to come.


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