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So, I do this thing where I sit on the internet and google poems using search terms like, “poems to read before you die,” “the greatest poems ever written,” “poems about sadness,” etc. It’s rather early in the morning right now, for me, at least, and I’ve been reading poetry since I got to work today.

I read “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes first. I nearly began crying. How beautiful and truthful is that poem? Seriously, read it. The poetic voice is so real, almost too real, almost too vivid.

Literature is so wonderful. Like music, it speaks to everyone differently, and profoundly impacts readers in the simplest ways. It’s gratifying to see something on television or hear a lyric in a song and know it’s from Shakespeare, or Ben Jonson, or Dylan Thomas, even Li Po or Antonio Machado. Mumford and Sons’ lyrics draw heavily from literature. “Sigh No More” is a direct allusion to Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing. “Roll Away Your Stone” is also allusive. I love music that connects to literature–and is awesome. i.e. Mumford and Sons, okay moving on.

Speaking of poetry, I will be traveling to Spain in 18 mere days. I could not be more excited, nervous, shaky, stressed out. My biggest worry is what kind of walking shoes to wear – I think I’m gonna go with Tevas, which are similar to Chacos, but less expensive. I’m fairly fashion conscious, so it might hurt me not to be able to match my bright blue hiking sandals with cute outfits, but whatever.

I need to let go of my fear of being labeled a tourist and focus more on how much fun I’m going to have — and I should be more mindful of comfort, because being all kinds of uncomfortable is just not comfortable. Right?

I can’t wait to go to Granada. Even if I don’t see the Alhambra while in Andalucia, walking the same streets as Federico Garcia Lorca is enough for me.

Also, Bon Iver is gonna be in Bilbao the Sunday of my long weekend. Talk about a poet. IF I DON’T GET TO SEE BON IVER, I WILL DIE. Maybe not that severe, but I’ll probably cry until my body shrivels up.

A professor told me that I need to be brave while in Spain. I think I’m gonna take her advice.

go read some poetry now.



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One Response to poets, poetry, life in general

  1. Claire Reason says:

    GO TO THE ALHAMBRA. Hope you’re enjoying your trip 🙂

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